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Welcome to LearnIT


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A collection of IT training resources at UCLA.

LearnIT is your one-stop shop for online IT training resources at UCLA.  Please use the buttons on the right under the heading "IT Resources" to log in to the various websites anytime, anywhere.
  • is a online software training resource. It provides over a thousand video tutorials on the latest software tools and techniques. Lynda has also increased their offerings to include business skills for professional development.

  • Safari Books Online

    Safari Books Online is the premier on-demand digital library providing over 12,400 technology, digital media and business books and videos online.

  • Microsoft IT Academy

    Microsoft IT Academy is a subscription-based membership program designed to help schools offer students and faculty learning solutions for IT skills training and certification as well as technology essentials for professionals. Access to these resources can help students build a successful future with the skills that employers demand.

  • UCLA KnowledgeBase

    The UCLA KnowledgeBase is an information bank or knowledgebase to help faculty, staff, students and campus help desks get accurate, current info about technology, administration and library solutions in this increasingly interdependent environment.


We've compiled lists of training resources to bring you up to speed on certain technology topics. Check out the bundles below!

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IT Resources
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Access IT Resources by visiting one of the sites listed below.

Safari Books Online

Microsoft training

UCLA on iTunes U

UCLA Knowledge Base