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This page provides information about Lynda.com, including updates, tips, and hints.

About Lynda.com

Lynda.com is a online software training resource. It provides over a thousand video tutorials on the latest software tools and techniques.

"Get unbiased, clear, and comprehensive training in 3D, audio, video, photography, graphic design, web and interactive design, business, and development from expert instructors, 24/7." -- Lynda.com

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New Releases:

  • SPSS Statistics Essential Training
  • Douglas Kirkland on Photography: Shooting with an 8x10 Camera
  • Flex 4.5 and PHP: Creating Data-Driven Applications
  • InDesign FX
  • Up and Running with Photoshop for Photography
  • Premiere Pro: Color Correction and Enhancement
  • Muse Beta Preview
  • Gmail for Power Users
  • HTML5: Geolocation in Depth
  • Animation Tips and Tricks with Flash Professional

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